Post Surgery Bra Guide

Your recovery period is crucial for ultimate result

Recovery by Ipomia has with leading plastic surgeons developed several varieties of bras to be used right after surgery and during recovery to provide the best support and comfort. The antibacterial, temperature controlling and eco-friendly Bamboo fabric is used in our healing bras. There is even a post-op bikini to wear at the beach!

What can I wear after my recovery

After your recovery period is over – about three months (check with your surgeon) you can wear any normal bra in the market. Implants are different though, and normal bras are made to push and squeeze normal breasts to look good. That are in many cases not comfortable when you have breast implants, and not necessary since you already look good. You need a bra that embraces the breasts and give you a great support to secure that the implants don’t migrate from the breast tissue over time. Therefore, we created Ipomia – a lingerie brand Made for Implants.