Bra Size Calculator

It is estimated that 70% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size – which gives a missfit and weaker support. To help you choose your right bra size you can measure your circumference with a measuring tape. Measure your under-breast right below your breasts to get your band size – measure tight. To get your breast size – measure softly over your fullest part of your breasts, usually over your nipples. Make sure that you keep the tape measure straight all the way around your body.

It can be hard to do it yourself so maybe get someone to help you.

Under bust (band size)

Measure under your bust (band size)

Stand in front of a mirror. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your back at band level, under each arm and around the front. Measure around your rib cage, under your breasts, and it should feel thight. Enter this number in the Underbust box below.

TIP: Odd number? Round down to the nearest even number.

Overbust (overbust size)

Measure over your breasts, right over you nipples (overbust size)

Keeping the tape around your back at band level, measure at the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape isn`t too tight by taking a full breath in and out, allowing the tape to slide to its most comfortable position. Enter this number in the Overbust box below.

TIP: If the measurement falls on the half inch, round up!